Galaxy Vortex Coil Pendants. Fingerprint Orgonite® Assorted
Galaxy Vortex Coil Pendants. Fingerprint Orgonite® Assorted
Galaxy Vortex Coil Pendants. Fingerprint Orgonite® Assorted
Galaxy Vortex Coil Pendants. Fingerprint Orgonite® Assorted

Galaxy Vortex Coil Pendants. Fingerprint Orgonite® Assorted

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Size : 30 mm x 30 mm (0.75" x 0.75") Pendants bailed on Copper Alloy Bail ( Nickel, Heavy Metal Free)

Orgone Pendant features a Vortex Energy Coil and various Gemstones ( as shown in photos) along with our signature orgone blend.


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The crystals were cleansed and intune with divine light, the crystals were then charged with ancient energies of lemuria and atlantis. Infused with reiki and divine healing while curing in the molds.

Negate the effects of emf pollution, plants and animals love orgonite, place in your bedroom or around your home, helps with anxiety and sleep, helps with transmissions and connecting to your higher self and 5D energies.

Orgonite comes from the word orgone, also known as life energy, chi, prana, etheric, ether.
Orgone Transmuters convert negative energy, into positive energy, and have numerous positive effects on the environment of which it’s placed in.

These devices are great for putting in and around your home.
Orgonite is commonly used in shielding electromagnetic frequency disturbances from wifi, tv, computers, phones, radio towers, etc., thus in essence promoting better sleep, vivid dreaming, decreased stress, and purifying water & foods. Orgonite is known for its health benefits on an energetic level, mentally and physically. These are just a few of the many benefits the user experiences with these devices.
These devices are very useful in spiritual practice, as a meditation aid, cleansing & healing.
Orgonite clears and energizes the auric field, allowing one to be protected from surrounding energies such as pollution and discordant energies from other people or places.
Orgonite devices help to restore and convert the pollution and stress caused upon our planet.

What is Orgone?
Dr.Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), a psychoanalyst who discovered and researched ORGONE, known as a founding farther in this technology.
The orgone energy discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich is said to convert harmful and dead life energy "DOR" (dead orgone energy)" into positive, fresh life energy "POR (positive orgone energy)".
The term/notion of ORGONE was derived by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, of the terms "organism" (organic energy).
Orgone energy (also known as chi or life-energy): a universal, omnipresent, vibratory life force originally proposed in the 1930s by Wilhelm Reich.
Orgone is everywhere and Reich measured this energy-in-motion over the surface of the earth.
He even determined that its motion affected weather formation.

Karl Hans Welz is the inventor of modern Orgonite and owner of registered Trademark Orgonite. Karl studied Reich, Reichenbach, Mesmer, and other greats from a young age to develop the technology we know and love! Check out his stuff if you're interested on or get more info about the history of orgonite on"

Other terminology in relation to Orgone (life-energy)
• Qi or Chi – according to the view of the culture of Ancient China and Taoism, the Qi pervades and accompanies everything that exists and happens
• Prana – the Indian conception
• Lung – the Tibetan expression
• Mana – in the cultural and religious beliefs of the peoples of Polynesia
• Vril – the Germanic conception
• Ether – the Greek conception
• Baraka – classical Arabic conception, is strongly tied to places and partly to people and their healing power
• Geomancy – teachings of Arabic origin, which were reflected in the medieval West
Benefits attributed to positive Orgone energy:
• Transmutes negative energy/converts to positive energy.
• Neutralizes harmful effects of ELF & EMF radiation.
• Improves the flow of life-energy and releases energy-blocks.
• Creates calmer home/environment.
• Inspires a pleasant demeanor and balanced, happier moods.
• Enhances plants to grow with the help of additional positive life-force energy.
• Purifies the atmosphere and ends drought.
• Purifies and detoxifies water.
• Frequently remedies insomnia and chronic nightmares.
• Helps awaken innate psychic senses (awareness, visualization, intuition).
• Balances your own natural energy, helps cleanse the aura and the chakras.

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