What is Orgonite?

What is Orgonite?

We create each orgone with both purpose and style. Honoring the practical component of Orgone Devices; While also allowing our creative energy to flow: Resulting in Dynamic Art Pieces. The crystals are all cleansed and in tune with divine light, charged with ancient energies of Lemuria and Atlantis. Infused with Reiki and divine healing while curing. Intention is our #1 Ingredient! 

▶Orgone Energy Transmuters act as an energetic filter. The process involves layers of organic and inorganic materials compressed within resin. Orgone devices absorb stagnant energy from its environment and emit negative ions: a natural form of energy found in abundance in places such as waterfalls, beaches and forests.


Benefits of Orgonite:

Orgone is known for its health benefits on an energetic level, mentally and physically. They are also very useful in spiritual practice, as a meditation aid, cleansing & healing.

Orgone devices help to restore and convert the pollution and stress caused upon our planet. We often "plant" tactical orgone pucks under cell towers to combat harmful EMFs, as part of a larger mission called the "Orgone Gifting Movement".




 If you want to see the part about orgonite specifically skip to 23 mins in. Spirit Science did a great job explaining this!

 We also recommend checking out www.ethericwarriors.com


• Neutralizes harmful effects of ELF & EMF radiation. Orgone is commonly used in shielding electromagnetic frequency disturbances from WiFi, T.V, computers, phones, radio towers, etc., In essence, promoting better sleep, decreased stress, and purifying electromagnetic stress from our bodies, water & foods. 
• Improves the overall flow of Life-Energy, and helps release Energy-Blocks.
• Creates Calmer Home/Work Environment.
• Inspires a Pleasant Demeanor and Balanced, Happier Moods.
• Enhances plants to grow healthier and bigger.
• Purifies the atmosphere.
• Purifies and Detoxifies Water and Foods. (taste better, foods last longer)
• Frequently remedies Insomnia and Chronic Nightmares.
• Helps awaken innate psychic senses (awareness, visualization, intuition, dreaming).
• Balances your own natural energy, cleansing the Aura and the Chakras.
•Reduces Headaches, and Relaxes Muscles.
• Useful in Meditation and Reiki Practices.
• Helps One keep Focused during Study, Work or Mediation.
• Speeds the Body’s Natural Healing Process.
•Strengthens Personal Energy, Orgone clears and protects your feild from surrounding energies such as pollution and discordant energies from other people or places.

Orgone is known as Life Energy, Universal Energy, Reiki, Bio-Energy, Chi, Prana, Source, Ether and Many Other Terms.  

▶First Generation Orgone Devices: Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), a psychoanalyst who discovered and researched Orgone, known as a founding farther in this technology. The orgone energy devices discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich is said to convert harmful and dead life energy "DOR" (dead orgone energy)" into positive, fresh life energy "POR (positive orgone energy)". Orgone is everywhere and Reich measured this energy-in-motion over the surface of the earth. He even determined that its motion affected weather formation.

▶Second Generation Orgone Devices: Karl Hans Welz is another well respected individual within the Orgone Energy Community, and is the owner of registered Trademark term “Orgonite”. Karl studied Reich, Reichenbach, Mesmer, and other greats from a young age. He has dedicated his life to Orgone Energy and Radionics.
▶Third Generation Orgone Devices: Don and Carol Croft, are widely known as the modern leaders in the orgonite Movement, the third generation Orgone Devices which are commonly found today. They discovered that by adding quartz crystals to the mix creates a self charged device.


We have also personally conducted a magnitude of experiments and tests on our own orgone devices. Including using EMF Radiation detectors, ion meters, water experiments and dowsing tools to understand the strength and effectiveness. (This gives us added confidence in what we provide) Also through personal experiences and feedback from others we have explored so many of the positive benefits of orgone. 



Some Types of Crystals, Metals, Minerals, and Herbs we use: 


Quartz (Smokey/Clear/Rose/Lemurian/ Tibetan) Amethyst, Citrine, Tigers Eye , Mica,Shungite, Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Blue Kyanite, Flourite, Sodalite, Hematite, Bronzite, Flourite, Obsidian, Calcite, Chrysocolla, Onyx, Lapis Lazuli, Shells, Carnelian, Agates, Garnet, Emerald, Peacock Ore, Fuchsite, Pyrite, Aventurine, Goldstone, Jasper, Unakite, Malachite, Activated Carbon, Pink Opal, Opalite, Peridot, Amazonite, Apache Tears, Turquoise, Azeztulite, Lepidolite, & Rhondonite . As well as Local Beach Sand (Silica), and various minerals in powder form. (If you have any requests just ask!) 
Sacred Sage, Holy Basil (Tulsi) , Chaga, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt & Rosemary.
Copper, Bronze, Aluminum, Steel, Iron, Gold & Silver. Iron Powder, Titanium Powder, Chrome Powder, Copper Powder & our Handmade Coils!

***Please Note: Orgone devices should never be used as a substitute for professional medical care. Consult with your doctor regarding medical concerns or conditions