The Orgonite Gifting Movement

 The Orgonite Gifting Movement



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"Making our Mark on Gaia"

Crystals have been used for thousands of years.  From a scientific perspective, minerals play a huge role in todays leading technology and our health/food industry. Crystals are also widely known for their healing properties as metaphysical teachers. At Fingerprint Orgonite, we are passionate about sharing an incredibly powerful crystal healing tool called Orgonite.

Modern orgonite is comprised of various crystals, metals, minerals and herbs compressed within resin. The layering of these materials create a bio energy filter that naturally balances radiation from electromagnetic sources. Orgonite also emit negative ions, a natural healthy state of energy that guides the body into a state of healing. Orgonite is commonly used as a metaphysical healing tool. They can be worn or kept close to support the bodies natural energy flow, and remove stagnant energy from ones home or work environment- a bedside table or office workspace are both very practical places to keep orgonite.

Each year we host several local Orgonite Gifting Initiatives. Each piece comes with a card that explains a little about orgonite and a positive healing message. Gifting orgonite is a fun, simple and effective way to uplift others, spread love and raise energetic awareness. It is really nice to keep on hand, we love random acts of kindness, and we love having the opportunity to offer a such a beautiful and powerful healing tool to others. Each year we bury hundreds of orgonite to restore balance in areas of geopathic stress, throughout cities and around natural water. Since 2012, we have collectively gifted somewhere between eight and ten thousand pieces, although we wish for this movement to expand beyond our personal reach.

We have created an infrastructure for those who would like to participate in this energetic revolution. We are calling on lightworkers and gridworkers worldwide. Together we can raise energetic awareness and restore balance on our planet.  We are inviting you to be part of a unique opportunity- a mission to spread good vibes on a global scale. By joining Fingerprint Orgonite Gifting Movement, you are joining the ranks with countless Lightworkers that are already involved in this movement. Your ongoing support will allow us to continue making and moving these powerful energetic tools around the world. Our goal is to expand our network, share knowledge and provide top quality orgonite for those who wish to participate in the Orgonite Gifting Movement.

~Austin & Vanessa.

Gifting Guidelines:

  1. Our Goal is to Spread Love, Please Be Kind.
  2. Try not to exclude people. Always be aware of your surroundings.
  3. Always ask permission for hugs, Respect is Key.
  4. Please ensure to include our information card with the orgonite.
  5. Explaining orgonite is optional, most people will do their own research after.
  6. “I thought you might appreciate this” or “i hope this brightens your day” are a great way to introduce orgonite to others.
  7. Our patreon is not designed for those who would like to resell our product, we offer special wholesale options to businesses who would like to carry our work.