Ambassador Program

As apart of our global mission - were looking for a group of like minded individuals and community influences looking to earn extra income all while supporting and promoting a product they love.  Our Fingerprint Orgonite Ambassadors program is to help not only spread awareness for our passion of creating orgonite but getting orgonite into the hands of as many people as possible. Our ambassador program is open to participants worldwide. 

As an approved brand ambassador you will be able to pass on a 10% savings onto your referred customers, and earn a 20% commission based on your monthly sales.

Each ambassador will be given a custom coupon code which they can share , this also allows us to track the traffic and sales via your promotion. 

As an approved ambassador you will be given a customized starter package which you can utilize in your social media posts, along with quarterly shipments of new products and any relevant content regarding our ambassador program. 

if your interested in joining our amazing team, please fill out the form below.