About us


Co-Founders/ Co-Creators ~ Austin and Vanessa.

When we met in 2015, we merged our expertise and founded Fingerprint Orgonite to fund our passion project. Working together, we continued testing orgonite and experimenting with various methods. We have developed a powerful signature blend and unique methods.  We are always pushing ourselves to create quality orgonite with both aesthetic and functionality. Each year we host several gifting initiatives. Our goal is to continue making and moving these healing tools around the globe to be enjoyed by others.

"I am currently 25 years old, i have been studying and developing my skills in crafting orgonite since 2012. One day orgonite and orgone energy stumbled into my life, and the rest is history. I make these pieces with the highest intent and love, my purpose is to help balance our planet, and all beings that inhabit it. I hope i can help you, & that you will enjoy this wonderful & purposeful medium as much as i do."
"I had been interested in orgone technology for several years prior to making my first batch, several years of researching and doing personal experiments with various crystal healing methods. I had a strong feeling these tools could help my body heal underlying health issues and ease my anxiety. In 2014, I was fortunate to find family support in a new city and started Harmonize Ontario. I had several profound personal experiences with orgonite which deepened my personal beliefs, I also amazed my doctors with a fast and full recovery. Making orgonite effortlessly became my passion and gifting project my mission. Through making and sharing orgonite with others, my path aligned with Austin on a similar journey"